The Limits of Trump’s Power and the Left’s failure to respond to i‪t‬.

In this episode, we offer a postmortem on Trump’s presidency and the limits of his power.

Listen in:

The “opposition” gave Trump powers that he never had.  He was never popular, his positions never had close to majority approval, his own judges and GOP officials rebuked him, and, as we’ve talked about plenty, the military and ruling class were opposed to him.  Despite that, Liberals and too many Leftists treated him like a super-monster with incredible skills and remained in fear and anxiety rather than organizing and resisting.  We talk about the reality of Trump’s power, and Capitalist power, who wields it, and why we have to stand up to it at all times instead of just giving our demons more power.  Trump was a paper tiger and we need to be prepared to fight going forward.


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