Texas Freezes Over, Cowboy Capitalism and A Failed State w/ Debbie Russell and Clayton Lus‪t‬

We’re rejoined by repeat Green and Red repeat-offenders Debbie Russell (@debmocracy) and Clayton Lust (@claytonlust), in Austin and Houston, respectively, to discuss the “Katrina-scale” crisis happening throughout Texas at the moment.

Listen In: https://bit.ly/TexasWinterGandR

We talk about conditions on the ground in Austin and Houston, especially the loss of heat and water, and the human misery–homeless people dying, the elderly having no access to medical care, millions without heat. We discuss mutual aid efforts in Austin and below we list a number of mutual link where you can get support, give support or donate.  And we talk about the larger political conditions that led to it–Texas-style “Cowboy Capitalism” that believes in deregulation and markets controlled by their cronies to coordinate energy markets.

And what would a show like this be without talking about Rafael Cruz’s vacation photos?

Debbie is an organizer, activist, and anti-police brutality advocate in Austin, TX. (If you want to see Debbie’s visual aids from the episode, check us out on YouTube.) Clayton is a historian, activist, teacher, conqueror, warper of minds. He has taught at Houston Community College since 2003.

Texas mutual aid efforts//

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