Texas Freezes Over, Pt. 3! Environmental Justice in Houston w/ Organizer Bryan Parra‪s‬

Our series on the climate and political crises in Texas continues!

Listen in: http://bit.ly/HoustonEJGandR

In this episode, we talk with Houston-based environmental justice advocate and organizer Bryan Parras (@hightechaztec) about the impact of the Texas polar vortex and the subsequent political crisis.

We discuss the pollution and economic injustice that communities living in Houston’s “petro-metro” endure on a daily basis. We talk about how the polar vortex hits those communities hardest and how they are having the slowest recovery. As Dr Robert Bullard recently put it, “That’s the inequity that’s piled on top of the inequity.”

At the end of the episode, we also pay tribute to Appalachian coal fighter and land defender the late Larry Gibson on the occasion of his birthday.

Originally from Houston’s East End, Bryan is an environmental justice organizer and advocate and co-founder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS).

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