Baseball and Bosses vs. the Georgia GOP (Ruling Class Resistance Redux‪)‬

Scott and Bob have another discussion about the ruling class, this time emphasizing its role in opposing the “new” Jim Crow voting laws just passed in Georgia.

Listen in:

Corporations based in Georgia–especially Delta and Coca Cola, and the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank–have been vigorously critical of these overt attempts to suppress Black votes, in a campaign organized by African American business leaders.

We analyze the campaign waged by ruling class representatives in Georgia, and American Airlines in Texas, and how “fissures” in that ruling class create openings for top-down reform. The Neo-Liberal regime is clearly in crisis, so more “corporate liberal” positions and programs are emerging.  Corporations can be “forces of movement” too.

We again explain how the ruling class is structured, how it prizes stability and hence can appear to be “woke” on major issues like these voting restrictions and LGBTQ rights.

And, as always, we point out that the ruling class often has presented more resistance to Trump and the Republicans than the Democratic Party or protest movements.  While the Georgia Democrats have conducted impressive registration campaigns, they have not engaged in direct actions, sit-ins, or other types of mass demonstrations to more aggressively send a message to the Georgia Republicans about their attempts to suppress minority votes.


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