Mass Uprisings in Colombia w/ Angela Castillo and Lorena Rodriguez of Colombia Conexion-SF Bay

In this episode, we talk with Angela Castillo and Lorena Rodriquez with Colombia Conexion- SF Bay (@colconxnsf) about the mass uprisings happening in cities across Colombia.

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The U.S.-backed right-wing government of Ivan Duque Marquez has pushed a neo-liberal tax reform bill that has sparked mass protest across the country. The Duque government has responded with horrific police brutality resulting in at least 42 deaths as well as many more injured and disappeared by state forces. We dive deep into the history and politics of Colombia, its government’s and U.S. backed death squads war on left social movements and current crises around COVID-19 and austerity.  We also discuss the city of Cali and its role as one of the epicenters of street resistance.

India in Crisis! Covid-19 and Civil Society Uprisings w/ writer Harbeer Sandhu

In part one of this two-part episode, we talk with writer Harbeer Sandhu about the social, political and epidemiological crises happening in India.  Recently returned from a trip to India, Harbeer talks with us about the impact of COVID in India, the lockdowns in Punjab, the general strike in January and the politics and policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party,

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Jimmy Carter–Liberal Saint Now, Neo-Liberal War Criminal Then (two parts)

In this episode we discuss Jimmy Carter’s policies as President (1977-1981) both domestic and foreign.  In Part 1, we look into his rise to prominence via the Trilateral Commission, his race-baiting during the 1976 Campaign, his embrace of Neo-Liberal policies, and his deregulation of key industries–all of which led to the rise of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s Policies.

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Fighting Fossil Fuels in Idaho with Organizer Helen Yost

Happy Greenwashing Day (i.e. Earth Day)!

In our Earth Day episode, flying solo, Scott talks with Wild Idaho Rising Tide co-founder and organizer, and host of Radio Free Moscow’s “Climate Justice Forum,” Helen Yost.

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In 2011, Wild Idaho Rising Tide launched with a direct action campaign to stop the “Tar Sands Megaloads,” huge pieces of oil drilling

Mike Elk of Payday Report talks about Amazon and Alabam‪a‬

In our second interview with Mike Elk in the past couple weeks, after he returned from a week in Alabama, we followed up on the Amazon union vote in Bessemer, of which the results are still out, possible outcomes and the future of union organizing at Amazon, and a recent Coal Mine strike outside Tuscaloosa at Warrior Met Coal, which has just been settled.  We also discussed a new Steel strike in Pittsburg.

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Mike Elk, longtime labor reporter who’s written for The Guardian, The Nation, and Politico, is the founder and editor of Payday Report, which chronicles labor actions and strikes every week and provides information and news about labor and unions that you won’t get elsewhere.

Baseball and Bosses vs. the Georgia GOP (Ruling Class Resistance Redux‪)‬

Scott and Bob have another discussion about the ruling class, this time emphasizing its role in opposing the “new” Jim Crow voting laws just passed in Georgia.

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Corporations based in Georgia–especially Delta and Coca Cola, and the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank–have been vigorously critical of these overt attempts to suppress Black votes, in a campaign organized by African American business leaders.

The Cold War in Central America w/ Prof. Phillip Berryma‪n‬

In this episode, on the 41st anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in San Salvador, we talk with Prof. Phillip Berryman about the tumultuous history of Central America during the 1970s and 80s. We discussed liberation theology, his work in Central America during Carter and Reagan’s wars against the people of countries like El Salvador and Guatemala, the solidarity movements of the 80s and compared the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.