The 2019 Return to Evergreen takes place on the Olympia campus on Sat., Oct. 19, 2019. Theory to Practice: Graduate Alumni on a Capstone Shaping a Career.

Graham Clumpner grew up in the shadow of an oil refinery in a rural part of Washington State. His parents were teachers, so during the unpaid summers they packed up the car and headed for the woods. He walked among the cascade mountains and learned early on that water doesn’t come from the tap. He was raised in a household that prized service, so when 9/11 happened, graham enlisted in the Army to serve his country.

After Afghanistan, his understanding of war and power began to change. Upon returning home he moved to Iowa and began working the nascent Obama campaign ultimately becoming an organizer in Wisconsin. After the election, and his graduation from the University of Wisconsin, he took his passion for veterans to Texas and Colorado, helping veterans transition from the military and raising awareness about the global war on terror.
More and more it became clear that climate change was the greatest threat to world stability and graham sought to be more involved in the climate movement. He was involved in the fight against arctic drilling and re-constituted the Mosquito Fleet, a water based direct-action team of local people fighting all coal, gas and oil exports. While a libertarian-socialist, Graham is dedicated to movement building and holding accountable those who are killing the planet and its people. They have names. And addresses.
Areas of expertise: Anti-war movements, climate movements.
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