Scott Parkin is the co-host and co-producer of the Green and Red Podcast. Scott is a campaigner and organizer in social justice and environmental movements for two decades.

Described in a 2010 Nation profile article as “a straight-talking, get-things-done kind of guy, more at ease toiling behind the scenes in environmental struggles than serving as a personification of them,”  he has worked with anti-corporate global justice, anti-war, labor, environmental and climate movements in North America, Europe and Australia. In 2005, the Australian government detained and forcibly removed him as a “direct or indirect threat to Australian national security” after giving a series of trainings on non-violent civil disobedience and strategy.

Currently, he is the Organizing Director at Rainforest Action Network (RAN). In his time at RAN, he has led campaigns against Wall Street banks, mountaintop removal coal mining and the Keystone XL pipeline. He is also a member of both Rising Tide North America’s organizing collective, and the San Francisco Bay Area chapter Mt. Diablo Rising Tide.

He has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Company), Democracy Now, Inside Climate News, Vice, The Nation and the Katie Halper Show. His writings have been published in the Earth First! Journal, Znet, Counterpunch, Clamor, the Photojournalist, Earth Island Journal, Alternet, Truthout and Common Dreams. He has recently published in a chapter on resistance to fossil fuels in Climate Justice and Community Renewal: Resistance and Grassroots Solutions (Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research, 2020).

He speaks regularly on environmental and climate politics, social movements, street organizing and the history of non-violent direct action. Areas of knowledge include environmental and climate politics, anti-corporate campaigning, social movements, street organizing, left history and politics, and non-violent direct action.

To book an interview or speaking engagement with Scott Parkin, please contact or 415-235-0596.