Andrew Bacevich on American Exceptionalism

A clip from our larger interview with the great critic of American Empire Andrew Bacevich, a professor emeritus and retired army colonel–we talked about the pernicious effects of American Exceptionalism, the belief that god ordained the U.S. to be the greatest country in the world and demanded that America go abroad to “civilize” other areas.

From Clinton to Trump: America in Tatters.

Photographer: Alex Brandon/Bloomberg

The latest U.S. history lecture from Green and Red Podcast co-host, and University of Houston history professor, Bob Buzzanco.

From Clinton to Trump: America in Tatters. He begins with the roaring 90s: Clinton and the “New Democrats”; Welfare and Crime “reform”; Right-Wing Hardball; Globalization and Financialization.

And the goes into the George W. Bush and Barack Obama eras–Tax Cuts and Patriot Act; Obama and the Great Recession; saving Wall Street; Obamacare; Black Lives Matter. Continue reading “From Clinton to Trump: America in Tatters.”