Cascadia Forest Defense and the Climate Crisis

pic via Cascadia Forest Defenders

“There is new crop of forest defense climate activists feeling a new sense of urgency that the traditional environmental advocacy isn’t doing it…”

— Daniel with Cascadia Forest Defenders

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of organizing and direct action around logging and timber industries. From the Wobblies trying to organize the logging sector in the early twentieth century to Earth First!’s campaigns to stop old growth logging to the new generation of forest defenders linking the struggle for wild places and communities to the climate crisis, direct action has always tried to get the goods. Continue reading “Cascadia Forest Defense and the Climate Crisis”

The Ravages of Western Wildfires with Journalist Joshua Frank

In this episode, we talk with environmental journalist, and co-editor at CounterPunch , Joshua Frank about the climate induced wildfires that have ravaged the American West in recent weeks.

Listen here:

We get into the climate politics of the western states, the hypocrisy of Democratic politicians preaching climate rhetoric while allowing fossil fuel companies to continue business as usual, the class impacts of the wildfires, and how climate change is exacerbating the wildfires and volatile political situations in places like Portland. Continue reading “The Ravages of Western Wildfires with Journalist Joshua Frank”