Human Rights in Colombia and Rochester, NY with Pendle Marshall-Hallmark

We talked with Pendle Marshall-Hallmark (@PendletheWitch) more about her human rights accompaniment work in Colombia.

And then some about the racial and social dynamics in her hometown of Rochester, NY in light of the recent police killing of Daniel Prude by Rochester PD. Continue reading “Human Rights in Colombia and Rochester, NY with Pendle Marshall-Hallmark”

VIDEO: The Amazon is Burning with Pendle Marshall-Hallmark

In this episode, we talk with climate and finance campaigner Pendle Marshall-Hallmark (@PendleTheWitch) of Amazon Watch (@amazonwatch) about the fires raging in the Amazon rainforest.

Last year saw some of the worst fires in record for the region and this year’s fire season looks to be no better. The problem is made much worse by the Bolsanaro government’s deregulation of Brazilian environmental protections. increased industry efforts at deforestation and the financing of it all by U.S. asset managers and banks like Blackrock and JPMorgan Chase. We also share few words and thoughts remembering scholar, author and anarchist David Graeber who passed away suddenly on September 3rd. Continue reading “VIDEO: The Amazon is Burning with Pendle Marshall-Hallmark”