Portland in Revolt!

In this episode, we talk with Jay and  Kay, two Portland street organizers, about the uprising that has shaken  the city and garnered so much media attention.  In the two months since  the murder of George Floyd, Portland has been out on the streets every  night demanding justice and racial justice.

Recently, the Trump  administration attempted to crack down on protests in an unprecedented  show of aggression by putting federal agents on the street, kidnapping  protestors off the street and responding with mass violence. The entire  city rose up against the federal government’s intervention, prompting a  pull back by the feds. But since then the Portland Police have continued  the violence against protests.

We discuss with our guests the background  of what’s been happening, organizing and street action tactics, the  courage of movements in Portland resisting the state every night, local  journalists that have been getting the story out and how to support the  continuing struggle.

You can support the PDX General Defense  Committee legal defense and bail fund  here:https://www.instagram.com/defensefundpdx/?hl=en


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