Columbus’ Bloody Legacies w/ History Prof. Michael Oberg of SUNY-Geneseo

In this episode, we get into the legacies of Columbus and America’s  genocide of Indigenous people with Prof. Michael Oberg (@nativeamtext),  the larger problems of the way Native American History is taught, and  why a 1619 Project is needed for American Indians too.

Listen in:

We start off with a clip from the Sopranos highlighting the conflict in the Italian-American community over Columbus Day. And then we deep dive into Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the cultural impact of America’s genocide, the Indian Wars and violence in the U.S. historical narrative. We also talk about whether cultural gains (things like tearing down Columbus statues, changing sports team names, etc.) will result in material gains (economics, health care, etc) for Native Americans, Ruth Bader  Ginsburg and the epidemic of police murder of Indigenous people.  

Michael Oberg is Distinguished Professor of  History at SUNY-Geneseo. The author of seven books on Native American history, Oberg received a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in  Teaching in 2003 and a Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship  in 2013.


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