Ruling Class 101 and the Coup That Wasn’t

We’re not ones to subscribe to popular world views, even those held on  the left. So, in our latest episode, Green and Red dive deep into the  history and politics of the American Ruling Class, coups at other points  in history,  and the great coup of 2020 (that wasn’t).

Listen here:

We start off with a conversation about what is a coup and not a coup. We  talk about coups in places like Indonesia in 1965, Chile in 1973, and  in other points of history; and how the end of the Trump regime has yet to constitute what is considered “coup.”    

Part of the reason, besides Trump’s own ineptitude,  is that America’s  elites (Wall St. Big Tech, the Chamber of Commerce, the Military Elites,  etc.) are done with him and recognize that he has created an era of  economic and social turmoil not seen since 1968.

As historical background, we discuss the work of noted scholars Thomas  Ferguson and Nomi Prins on the politics of Wall Street and America’s  Ruling Class. We look at the reaction of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jaime Dimon  and other bankers, and the military elites to the results of the  election.

We also pay tribute to women leaders in the environmental movements,  Karen Silkwood and Judy Bari, who bridged the false divide of labor and  environmentalism as organizers.


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