Hope Among the Ruins of 2020

Happy New Year, Tender Comrades! In our last episode of 2020, we talk about the past year.

Listen in: http://bit.ly/HopeRuins2020GandR

We discuss what we’ve learned, the worsening precarity, the absence of community and a rewarding life, the barriers posed by the Professional Left (NGO Industrial Complex, labor leadership, etc), the often-unhinged, conspiratorial left, but also the inspiring moral courage and bold action we saw in the streets, the role of organizers and activists, and what we can do moving forward.

We read quotes from Marx and Barry Lopez and close with a woman singing the Italian labor song “Bandiera Rossa,”  from her balcony in Brussels.

Here’s to fighting for a better world in 2021!  See you in the streets!

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