Capitol Hill Riots and The Ruling Class

And we thought 2020 was bumpy. In this fresh episode, we talk about the shocks happening in the liberal democratic capitalist system–How the ruling class is destabilized by Trump and the far right actions at Capitol Hill this week, and how they are responding to maintain order and their own power as quickly as possible.  It’s an analysis you won’t find in many other place, if anywhere.


Last week, we saw  former Veep and Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney(!) organize a statement by all ten living Secretaries of Defense to call on Trump and officials in the military establishment to call for  an orderly transition of power (he didn’t). We saw the National Association of Manufacturers, a notorious anti-worker, anti-liberal Democratic institution, issue a statement calling for the swift enactment of the 25th Amendment of Donald Trump over inciting riots at the Capitol. And we saw lots more anger and outrage in the political and corporate spheres aimed at Trump and his supporters.

Between the crises of COVID-19, a crashing economy, the climate crisis, a growing far right clearly willing to use deadly violence and these shocks to the system, there are many forces vying for what kind of world is next for us.

As the great Gil Scott-Heron told us, “America leads the world in shocks.  Unfortunately, America does not lead the world in deciphering the cause of shock.” That’s what Green and Red Podcast will be doing.

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