Comics with Comrades with creator Brian Wood

In this episode, we talk with comic book creator Brian Wood and the influence of pop culture on politics. And vice versa. We discuss his work on Channel Zero, DMZ and the Massive. And how his work in those comics has focused on lefty politics and issues like media activism, far right militias, climate change and direct action. We also talk about Marvel’s The Punisher and the obvious connection to today’s fascist movements. 

Brian is a comic book writer, illustrator and creator. He’s also worked in television and video game design. Brian’s work includes Channel Zero, a story about a dystopian near future NYC with hackers as heroes fighting a Big Brother theocracy, DMZ, another dystopian near future story set in NYC during a civil war between right-wing militias and the US government, and The Massive, a story about Greenpeace/Sea Shepherd style ship caught in environmental and economic collapse. DMZ is currently being developed as an HBO mini-series with Ava DuVernay directing. His other work includes Northlanders, Starve and Rebels. He’s also been a writer on titles like Conan the Barbarian, the X-Men, Star Wars and Aliens.


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