Diane Wilson on Her Hunger Strike Against Oil Exports

In this episode, we talk with the legendary Diane Wilson, Texas shrimper, environmentalist and author, about her hunger strike demanding that the Biden Administration stop the proposed dredging of Matagorda ship channel and ban crude oil exports.

Listen In: https://bit.ly/HungerStrikeGandR

To put the story in full context, we discuss with Diane her 30 years of work in fighting corporate polluters on the Texas Gulf Coast through organizing, litigation, monitoring, direct action and more. Diane’s work against companies like Dow Chemical, Formosa Plastics and now Max Midstream in one of the most conservative regions in the nation has been inspiring. It’s rooted in organizing and working with community members, workers and ex-workers from across the spectrum.

Diane Wilson is a fourth-generation shrimper and mother of five from Seadrift, Texas. She’s also an environmental activist, an anti-war activist, and author of An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas.

This Wednesday (April 28) marks THREE WEEKS of Diane’s hunger strike to #StopTheDredging and #StopOilExports!! Join her and allies across the world in a one day solidarity fast and photo petition action! ¬†Register here:https://bit.ly/2R2kCvz


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