Fighting Wall Street’s Funding of the Climate Crisis w/ Jackie Fielder

Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, the financial sector has put $3.8 TRILLION into the fossil fuel sector. That’s $3.8 trillion into oil, gas, coal and Indigenous and human rights abuses across the globe. These banks notoriously fund projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline. The banking sector keeps Big Oil flush with cash contributing trillions to the climate crisis. Wall Street, as well as banks in Canada, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world also talk a happy positive rap on sustainability and a healthy environment, but continue to make huge profits from it.

Listen in here:

We talk with Jackie Fielder (@JackieFielder_) with Stop the Money Pipeline (@StopMoneyPipe), a coalition of 160 groups, fighting to stop the flow of money from banks, private investment firms like BlackRock and insurance companies into oil, gas and coal. We talk about efforts to defund Line 3 and the backlash from industry and government against the climate justice movement. We also discuss Jackie’s 2020 state senate run against Scott Wiener and her efforts to start a San Francisco Public Bank.

Jackie Fielder is Native American (Two Kettle Lakota and Hidatsa), Latina, and queer educator and organizer. She campaigned against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline; helped organize public banking efforts in San Francisco; and worked to defeat a city initiative that would loosen taser use for police in the Bay Area. In 2020, she ran for state senate in San Francisco against Democrat Scott Wiener.

Currently, she works as the communications coordinator with Stop the Money Pipeline. A coalition of organizations fighting to stop the flow of corporate money into fossil fuels.


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