Media Release: Cuban Protests Are Product of U.S. Embargo

Picture: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini


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Robert Buzzanco is a professor of U.S. foreign policy at the University of Houston and has extensive media experience, and currently co-hosts the Green and Red Podcast, which discusses politics and history.
He has studied U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba for decades and has written extensively on the U.S. role in Cuba and on foreign policy generally.  He has written specifically about the Cuban role in supporting liberation movements abroad, and has taught classes and lectured publicly on the U.S. embargo toward Cuba and its policies in the Caribbean and Latin America generally.  He has also traveled to Cuba and met with Cuban professors and everyday people.

Anti-Capitalist A.F. Music and politics ft. Adam Sherburne of Consolidated

Our favorite music is that music that gets in your face, flips over tables and fights those in power.

Consolidated was a band that did that very thing. Since their formation in the late 80s, they’ve used music to speak out on corporate greed, fascism, homophobia, and animal rights. Now they are returning to the music scene with more of the anti-capitalist fascist-fighting same.

Listen in: