Anti-Capitalist A.F. Music and politics ft. Adam Sherburne of Consolidated

Our favorite music is that music that gets in your face, flips over tables and fights those in power.

Consolidated was a band that did that very thing. Since their formation in the late 80s, they’ve used music to speak out on corporate greed, fascism, homophobia, and animal rights. Now they are returning to the music scene with more of the anti-capitalist fascist-fighting same.

Listen in: talk with Consolidated lead guitarist and vocalist Adam Sherburne as they are embarking on their return.

Adam Sherburne is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and music director for Consolidated, a radical Left industrial band from San Francisco, California. Consolidated is an American radical activist music group, formed in 1988 and best known in the early 1990s as an alternative dance/industrial music band. They were distinguished by  left-leaning political activism and politically radical lyrics, as well  as their innovative sonic collages which blended industrial and hip-hop  styles. Their latest album, We’re Already There, is released this year.

Music in episode “Capitalism A.F.” and “Music is the Sound of Life” by Consolidated on the eMERGENCY heARTS label.



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