The End of America’s Forever War in Afghanistan w/ Graham Clumpner

America’s forever war in Afghanistan ended with the withdrawal of U.S. troops after a twenty year war and occupation. A speedy summer offensive by the Taliban through quickly led to the fall of Kabul.

Listen in:

Images of the Taliban in the Afghan presidential palace, crowds running after departing American aircraft and frightened Afghans remembering earlier Taliban rule pervade our screens. Since the terror attacks on September 11th, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the never-ending Global War on Terror, the U.S. has spent great amounts of “blood and treasure” to only make matters worse.  Now there seems to be a reckoning with a war many tried to forget.

Scott talks with anti-war veteran of the war in Afghanistan Graham Clumpner about the legacy of the war, the threat of the new Taliban regime, what the anti-war movements got wrong, the true costs of war and about the impacts of the end of the war on its veterans.

Graham Clumpner (@turncoatveteran) is an libertarian socialist, anti-war U.S. military veteran of the war in Afghanistan, environmentalist and direct action organizer in the Pacific Northwest.

This is the third of three episodes focusing on the forever wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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