Winter in America

Winter in America

Gil Scott-Heron said: “Turn around, turn around, turn around, And you may come full circle, And be new here again”

Listen In:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. A year after Trump and we’re no better off than we were. As Omicron numbers soar and Wall Street bankers and coal barons continue to run the table politically, the Honorable Bob Buzzanco and the Honorable Scott Parkin look back on 2021 and talk about what 2022 might bring us.

We kick off with the “best of” G&R episodes of 2021.  We then talk about beltway politics, the ruling class, the game/no game strategies of the Democrats, the antics of Trump and the far right, street action, hard fought Stop Line 3 pipeline campaign and various labor strikes and how local organizing is the most important thing for all of us to be doing in this moment.

It’s Winter in America, and like the poet says “And ain’t nobody fighting, ‘Cause nobody knows what to save, Save your soul, From winter in America…”



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