The End of Roe vs. Wade: Reproductive Rights and Direct Action ft. Hope w/ Shutdown DC

The End of Roe vs. Wade: Reproductive Rights and Direct Action ft. Hope w/ Shutdown DC

Last week, a draft of a brief overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked to Politico causing an uproar in many sectors. This decision will put the health and safety of millions of women in jeopardy. Predictably, the establishment focused on catching the leaker. Outrage hit Twitter.  And the left hit the streets.

Listen in:

In a series of episodes, Green and Red will focus on how grassroots direct action and mutual aid groups are organizing in the wake of this political tidal wave. Before Roe, we saw underground movements to support women seeking abortions. After the 1973 ruling on Roe, we saw grassroots activists doing clinic defense in the face of violent right wing protests that included assassination of abortion providers and clinic bombings. Now as we’re looking at a time where Roe could be overturned, we’re going to be talking over the next couple of episodes about what’s next for direct action and mutual aid at the end of Roe vs Wade.

This past week, demonstrations at the homes of Supreme Court justices led to ruling class and liberal denouncements of protests. The Senate immediately passed a resolution to give extra security to justices (there is no gridlock in protecting the ruling class).

In our latest episode, Scott talks with Hope with Shutdown DC (@ShutDown_DC).  Shutdown DC has been organizing actions at the Supreme Court, at the homes of Supreme Court justices and supporting the neighbors of these justices who have led regular actions at the homes for a long time. They also discussed the impact of the overturning of Roe, the future of direct action once it’s happened and what’s next in the coming weeks and months on this issue.

Hope is a public health student in Washington, DC. Her areas of study include pregnancy, parenting and family planning as well as understanding and combating health misinformation and disinformation. She is originally from Southern Ohio and has been involved in defending abortion access since 2015. Hope loves skill building, training and storytelling and supports movements for climate justice, racial justice, healthcare access and of course, abortion rights as a communications team member, art builder and street medic.


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