Leave the Gun, Take the Podcast: “The Godfather at 50” and its political meaning

“The Godfather” movies are on the short list of the most consequential American films ever, not just for their cinematic quality but because they’ve become a textbook for politics as well. In this episode Scott and Bob celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the release of the movie with a discussion of the way the movie is a deep analysis of American capitalism and politics.

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We talk about the way Don Corleone wielded power, the relationship between the mob and “legitimate” businesses, the attempt to break into the Cuban market, the Corleone influence in Las Vegas, and so much more.

The George Floyd Uprisings Are Still Happening… For Those Doing Time.

In May 2020, we saw millions hit the streets over the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It’s been argued to be the largest protests in history. The government moved in immediately to repress those taking the streets against the police and racial violence.

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We saw intense protest, resistance, violent repression by police and other forces and media attention in Minneapolis, Louisville, Portland and Kenosha WI. But also in places less known like Grand Rapids Michigan and Champaign IL. More than 350 people were arrested on federal charges while city and state level arrests topped 14,000 between May-Nov 2020.

Woody Guthrie Turns 110! His Life and Politics w/ Prof. Mark Alan Jackson

Woody Guthrie is the most influential political singer and songwriter of the 20th Century. July 14th is Woody’s 110th birthday, so we had a fantastic discussion with Mark Alan Jackson, a scholar on popular culture and music. He’s author of “Prophet Singer: The Voice and Vision of Woody Guthrie” and editor of “The Honky Tonk on the Left: Progressive Thought in Country Music.”

Check it out: https://apple.co/3PpCni2

We discussed Woody’s political music and activism, especially on socialism, labor, civil rights, his songs about war and peace, and his larger meaning and legacy.

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Where’s the Resistance? Elections Won’t Save Us

Cross-posted from Afflict the Comfortable

by Bob Buzzanco

With the Supreme Court on a holy war to protect guns, fetuses, and big polluting corporations, among others, there’s a real and growing sense of panic among progressives, women, environmentalists and liberal and left-leaning Americans about the future. The Court has also agreed to put on the docket for next term a case about election law that would give the states virtually total power to conduct elections any way they want–meaning that GOP-led legislatures could give electoral votes to their candidate even if he/she lost the election in that state. It’s a scary time.

And what’s the response been? Nancy Pelosi was campaigning for anti-abortion and pro-gun Democrat Henry Cuellar in south Texas on the day the Dobbs decision came down. With her help and lots of DCCC money Cuellar squeaked past his pro-choice opponent. Joe Biden responded to the Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade by making an empty speech and then cutting a deal with Mitch McConnell to appoint, wait for it, an anti-abortion judge to a federal seat. Liberal groups, many of whom promised to be in the streets and shut down the country if abortions were outlawed, mostly complained on social media and used the decision to raise money.

It was nothing like the summer of 2020.

Animal Liberation and Direct Action ft. Jake Conroy and Tylor Starr w/ Radicals and Revolutionaries

In our latest, we’re joined by our friend and comrade Jake Conroy and his co-host Tylor Starr. We talk about their new podcast, Radicals and Revolutionaries, which documents the history of direct action in the animal rights movements. We get into history, strategy and direct action.

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All of our favorite things to talk about! Radicals and Revolutionaries is an oral history podcast documenting the radical animal liberation movement and the revolutionaries who started it.