Best of G&R: The Military vs. Donald J. Trump. Generals Tell Trump to “Stand Down!”

Best of G&R: The Military vs. Donald J. Trump. Generals Tell Trump to “Stand Down!”

Not unlike our (not so) esteemed leadership in Congress, Green and Red will be out on a little August recess.  We will be back with new episodes soon. In the meantime here’s a “Best of Green and Red” episode from June 2020 on Trump vs. his generals. It’s a repost referenced in last week’s episode on divides in the Ruling Class.

Listen in:


From June 2020:

Bob (@bobbuzzanco) and Scott (@sparki1969) talk about the recent public repudiation of Donald Trump’s attempts to use the military against American citizens in pursuit of a racial war by ranking military officials, not just retired but active-duty as well.

In an amazing two weeks, one of the more incredible developments has been the open resistance of military officials to Trump’s attempts  to militarize American cities and likely kill protestors.  Starting  with retired Generals and Admirals and percolating into the dissent of  active-duty officers, the military, America’s most respected  institution, has stood up to Trump and, even more, made a sharp  statement against racism and defended the right to protest.

These people aren’t radical and don’t have the same interests as  protestors, but  have put the brakes on Trump, for the time being at  least.  They’ve also give people in the streets more legitimacy and  space.  They’re not long-term allies necessarily, but they have helped  the millions who are rebelling right now.

For more on this topic, see Buzzanco, “Cracks in the Empire: The Military Says ‘Stand Down’ to Trump”  and Masters of War: Military Dissent and Politics in the Vietnam Era


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