Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Aims to Pardon Racist Murderer Daniel Perry ft. Truthout’s Candice Bernd

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Aims to Pardon Racist Murderer Daniel Perry ft. Truthout’s Candice Bernd

In July 2020, former US Army Sgt. Daniel Perry shot and killed Garrett Foster, a racial justice protester and Air Force veteran, at a Black Lives Matter rally in Austin, TX. Last month, Perry was convicted of the murder after arguing self-defense. After being goaded by Tucker Carlson, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he was expediting a pardon request on Perry’s behalf.

Listen in: https://bit.ly/40JdO4u

But now, unsealed evidence has revealed texts, emails and social media posts from Daniel Perry that show he’d talked about shooting protestors in the summer of 2020, and a number of racist comments he’d made about blacks and Muslims. It’s also been revealed that Perry has propositioned minors on the internet. This has put Abbott in a precarious position. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles (made up of seven Abbott appointees) will hear from Travis County District Attornery Jose Garza and Garrett Foster’s family about why the conviction of Daniel Perry should be upheld.

We talk with Truthout editor and staff reporter Candice Bernd (@candicebernd) about Greg Abbott’s aims to pardon racist murderer Daniel Perry. We also talk about the horrible response by the Austin Police Dept. to Foster’s family and Greg Abbott’s plans to turn Texas into more of a police state. We also talk about progressive media in Texas, the Texas Observer and it’s miraculous comeback after almost closing down.

Bio// Candice Bernd is senior editor/staff reporter at Truthout. Her work has also appeared in several other publications, including The Nation, In These Times, the Texas Observer, Salon, Rewire News Group, Sludge, YES! Magazine and Earth Island Journal. Her latest article is “Travis County DA Garza to Defend Daniel Perry Conviction at Parole Board” appears in Truthout and the Texas Observer.



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