Worthy Victims? Two Professors Fired in Texas…..mostly crickets

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Outrage over Nathan Robinson is fine….but others need help too.

To begin, I have no issues with Nathan Robinson, have never met him, and think that The Guardian’s cancellation of his column over a sarcastic comment about U.S. support of Israel is an outrage--and he deserves support from the Left and from anyone who believes in free expression.

And he’s getting that–lots of it. Since the episode blew up last week, I’ve seen countless social media posts about it, from some of the biggest names in the lefty media pundit celebrity world, and articles about it in various media internationally. I’m glad. People who criticize Israel have been the targets of smear campaigns for too long (I have my own personal experience with that–from the allegedly radical Pacifica Network no less). So, Nathan Robinson is a worthy victim–as Herman and Chomsky wrote about long ago….no doubt. Continue reading “Worthy Victims? Two Professors Fired in Texas…..mostly crickets”

Professors fired from Collin College, Retaliation in Texa‪s‬

In our latest episode, we talk with two professors with exemplary records at Collin College, outside Dallas, who were recently fired for criticizing the school’s COVID policies.

Listen in here: https://bit.ly/TXFiredGandR

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