Media Release- A Long March to War: the U.S., Russia and Ukraine

University of Houston history professor available for media on the Russia-Ukraine war, the U.S. and NATO.
As Professor Buzzanco sees it, “the current conflict, clearly an act of aggression by Russia in violation of international law, also has to be observed in the context of a long confrontation with Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.  Despite George H.W. Bush and James Baker promised the USSR that NATO would not expand eastward, the U.S. did that in the later 1990s, moving into ex-Soviet areas, which Russian leaders warned would be a “hostile act.”  The U.S. also invested heavily in the Russian economy and political system as ex-Soviet industries were nationalized.  Because of this, American power grew exponentially in areas adjacent to Russia, thus merging Vladimir Putin’s plan to expand Russian power aggressively with defense concerns of encirclement as NATO grew closer to Russia’s borders.  Now, as the Russian attacks are destroying Ukraine and killing innocent people, the need for negotiations based not just on Russia’s violation of international law but also the legacy of 30 years of political conflict with the U.S. is necessary to stop the bloodshed.”

Jimmy Carter–Liberal Saint Now, Neo-Liberal War Criminal Then (two parts)

In this episode we discuss Jimmy Carter’s policies as President (1977-1981) both domestic and foreign.  In Part 1, we look into his rise to prominence via the Trilateral Commission, his race-baiting during the 1976 Campaign, his embrace of Neo-Liberal policies, and his deregulation of key industries–all of which led to the rise of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s Policies.

Listen in to Part One:

Listen in to Part Two:

“looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit…” Politics on Campus w/ Bill Troveski from The Way Podcas‪t‬

In this episode we talk politics and podcasting with Bill Troveski from The Way Podcast.

Listen here:

Students for a Democratic Society said in the Port Huron statement, “looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit…”  We discuss the current version of that discomfort that today’s students and youth are inheriting as the pandemic, economic collapse, the climate crisis and political crisis are all crashing down. With Bill, we discuss politics on campus at the University of Connecticut (where he’s currently a student), issues of student debt, the work force, climate change, healthcare and more.

Green and Red Co-Host Scott Parkin on why 2021 needs more direct action

In our latest episode, Bob interviews Scott about his recent article “Why 2021 needs more direct action.”

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They discuss how elections and electing Democrats and Democratic Socialists won’t be the only way to get us out of the current cascade of crises hitting the world right now (COVID-19, economic collapse, climate change, political crisis around the far right). They also discuss Scott’s past work in fighting mountaintop removal coal mining, Wall Street banks and oil pipelines.