Jimmy Carter–Liberal Saint Now, Neo-Liberal War Criminal Then (two parts)

In this episode we discuss Jimmy Carter’s policies as President (1977-1981) both domestic and foreign.  In Part 1, we look into his rise to prominence via the Trilateral Commission, his race-baiting during the 1976 Campaign, his embrace of Neo-Liberal policies, and his deregulation of key industries–all of which led to the rise of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s Policies.

Listen in to Part One: https://apple.co/3exioOb

Listen in to Part Two: bit.ly/JimmyCarter2GandR

Since being President, Carter has been a genuinely decent human, a diplomat and humanitarian.  But as President, he carried water for the ruling class, both at home and abroad (which will be covered in part 2).

We also talked about the Derek Chauvin conviction.


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