Jimmy Carter–Liberal Saint Now, Neo-Liberal War Criminal Then (two parts)

In this episode we discuss Jimmy Carter’s policies as President (1977-1981) both domestic and foreign.  In Part 1, we look into his rise to prominence via the Trilateral Commission, his race-baiting during the 1976 Campaign, his embrace of Neo-Liberal policies, and his deregulation of key industries–all of which led to the rise of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s Policies.

Listen in to Part One: https://apple.co/3exioOb

Listen in to Part Two: bit.ly/JimmyCarter2GandR

The Cold War in Central America w/ Prof. Phillip Berryma‪n‬

In this episode, on the 41st anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in San Salvador, we talk with Prof. Phillip Berryman about the tumultuous history of Central America during the 1970s and 80s. We discussed liberation theology, his work in Central America during Carter and Reagan’s wars against the people of countries like El Salvador and Guatemala, the solidarity movements of the 80s and compared the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Jimmy Carter is a Liberal Saint Now, Was a War Criminal Then…..

cross-posted from Afflict the Comfortable

by Professor Bob Buzzanco

Jimmy Carter as ex-President has built homes for the poor, brokered peace agreements, overseen elections, and engaged in humanitarian acts without fail.  He never cashed in like most ex-Presidents do with huge media deals or constant P.R. appearances.  And that’s good on him.

But in the interests of historical accuracy, and to understand why today’s political system has (d)evolved for the past four decades or so, looking at his time as president really tells us a lot about how we got to where we are today.

I’ve been tweaking some lectures in the past few days on the latter stages of the Cold War and was reminded of the turmoil and disorder Carter brought to the global scene.

Carter might be a secular saint to many in the 21st Century, but when it came to engaging with the world during his one-term presidency, he was a war criminal.  In Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, Carter created violent programs, aided terrorists, and contributed to death and destruction at a high level. His stewardship over the empire also is instructive in the ways of Liberal militarism and imperialism.