Love’em, They’re NATO Liberals! Democratic Hawks from Truman to the War in Ukraine.

We’ve been using the term “NATO liberal” quite a bit in our recent series of Ukraine-Russia episodes. But, you may ask yourself: “what exactly do Bob and Scott mean when they say ‘NATO Liberal’?”

Part One, listen in:

Part Two, listen in: Coming Soon

We dive deep into the history of NATO liberals and discuss their role in developing the U.S. empire during the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Early Cold War Years with Prof. Bob Buzzanco

The latest and greatest from Green and Red Podcast co-host, and University of Houston history professor, Bob Buzzanco.

In this lecture, Buzzanco talk about the The early days of the Cold War–Bretton Woods, Containment, Marshall Plan. United Nations.

And then “To maintain this position of disparity.” Truman Doctrine, Berlin Blockade, NATO, the National Security State.