Remembering Martin Luther King Jr., Radical, Democratic Socialist and Opponent of State Violence

In our special MLK day episode, we talk about the radical politics of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We discuss King’s democratic socialist  beliefs, his stance against the war in Vietnam, the campaigns he worked  on, –including the 1968 Olympic Boycott and the Poor People’s  Campaign–, and his thoughts on property destruction.   

Buzzanco: Vietnam and Civil Rights

The latest U.S. history lecture from Green and Red Podcast co-host, and University of Houston history professor, Bob Buzzanco.

In the latest segment, Dr. Buzzanco gets into the Vietnam War. Including US involvement; Buddhist uprising; Gulf of Tonkin; Guerrilla War; My Lai; Tet; Vietnamization; Victory of the Revolution; Antiwar Movement; MLK’s A Time to Break the Silence.

He also talks about the Modern Civil Rights Era: The Modern Civil Rights Era, Racism, Law, Violence, the Economy–through Slavery and segregation to Black Lives Matter.