The End of the Age of Plastic with Stiv Wilson

In our latest episode, we talk with activist and filmmaker Stiv Wilson (@AgentStiv) from the Peak Plastic Foundation (@peakplastic) about the new film “The Story of Plastic.” We discuss the staggering problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and our communities. We also discuss how “the end of this story is just the beginning” as people around the world are now acting to break free from plastic.

COVID19 vs. Reopening the Economy; Politics and the Pandemic w/ Prof. Sarah Koster

In our latest episode, Bob (@bobbuzzanco) and Scott (@sparki1969) get a return visit from Prof. Sarah Koster (@NotSoNormalNaCl) to discuss the recent spike in COVID19 infections. There are now over 2 million cases in the U.S. with the number of deaths at well over 119,000. Furthermore, Harvard University is now predicting that the number could almost double by the end of September. We discuss how political institutions, led by #BunkerBoy, continue to fail us in virus response, the racialization of the infection rate, and how to be “COVID19 responsible” when out in the streets during the current uprising against police violence.

Viet-Black Solidarity in a Time of Crisis with Professor Thao Ha

In this episode, we talked with Professor Thao Ha (@ThaoHaPhD)– Vietnamese refugee, esteemed scholar, and producer of a documentary on  Vietnamese-KKK conflict in Texas, “Seadrift.”  We had a fascinating  conversation about immigrant groups in the U.S., Solidarity during the  current rebellions, Vietnamese views on the Black community, the role of younger  Vietnamese in changing politics, and the future of Vietnamese-American  politics.

Demystifying Antifa with author Shane Burley

In our latest episode, the Green and Red Podcast crew talks with author and journalist Shane Burley (@Shane_Burley1) about antifascism and the targeting of antifa by the Trump administration in the midst of the rebellion against police violence currently sweeping the US. We get into lots of good discussion about about Antifa, anarchism, mutual aid, and what the fascists are up to.

“8 minutes, 36 seconds.” The murder of George Floyd and uprisings in the USA, with Jeff Ordower

Today, Bob and Scott talk about the state of the U.S. as protests, riots, rebellions and large scale police violence are erupting in dozens of cities across the country.  All week, protests, riots and more have been happening in Minneapolis over the police murder of a black man named George Floyd. Now it has spread from coast to coast, and increasingly around the world, with real resistance (not the Democratic establishment led #resistance) against police and political leaders. We’re joined by long time organizer Jeff Ordower (@moredower) to talk about this moment and where we go from here.