Viet-Black Solidarity in a Time of Crisis with Professor Thao Ha

In this episode, we talked with Professor Thao Ha (@ThaoHaPhD)– Vietnamese refugee, esteemed scholar, and producer of a documentary on  Vietnamese-KKK conflict in Texas, “Seadrift.”  We had a fascinating  conversation about immigrant groups in the U.S., Solidarity during the  current rebellions, Vietnamese views on the Black community, the role of younger  Vietnamese in changing politics, and the future of Vietnamese-American  politics.

Listen here.

Thao  Ha is a Vietnamese refugee who earned a doctorate in Sociology from the  University of Texas at Austin. She is a professor at MiraCosta College  in Oceanside, CA, and has published a variety of academic works in the  areas of race, gender, immigration, and Vietnamese American experiences  in the South. She  is an advisor and associate producer of “Seadrift,” a documentary about  the racial violence and KKK intimidation that erupted in the 1970s  against Vietnamese Americans in a small Texas fishing town.

Author: Sparki

Scott Parkin is a Senior Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network and organizes with Rising Tide North America. He has worked on a variety of campaigns around climate change, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, mountaintop removal, labor issues and anti-corporate globalization. Originally from Texas, he now lives in San Francisco.

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