Why Immanuel Wallerstein Matters with Filmmaker David Martinez

In  our latest episode, we talk with filmmaker David Martinez about his  film featuring sociologist and leftist thinker Immanuel Wallerstein.

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Immanuel  Wallerstein passed away in 2019, but is best known for his development  of an approach in sociology called World Systems Analysis.

His  influence was particularly strong in the Global South, in fact the  story goes that half of the guests at his wedding were later  assassinated. There is also a building named for him in Chiapas, and he  once sat on a panel with Subcomandante Marcos. He was also a main  influence on Abdullah Ojalan and the Kurdish movement’s recent shift to  the more libertarian left. In short, he was much more than an academic,  but someone who tried to use his intellectual work to change the world.

David Martinez is a filmmaker, writer, and teacher originally from San Antonio, Texas, now living in San Francisco. He’s also the co-host of the Hammer and Tongs podcast (https://bit.ly/2BYRb6k).

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