A Murder in Austin, w/ Anti-Police Brutality organizer Debbie Russell

We’re Back!  Lots of has been happening while we’ve been in break, so we start August atxby talking with veteran Austin community organizer, anti-police brutality advocate and Austin Legal Guild volunteer Debbie Russell (@Debmocracy) about the murder of Garrett Foster this past week, killed by a right-wing agitator who was driving his car into the crowd of peaceful protestors.

Listen here: bit.ly/ATXprotestGandR

The killer then drove off and later turned himself in to police but he was released and no charges have been filed. The Foster murder has received national attention and Debbie Russell and her comrades in Austin have played a major role in investigating  the killing and preparing to present evidence.

We also talked about some of the longer-term tensions between the Austin police and non-white communities, and the possibility of reform with new, progressive elected officials coming into office.  Despite the national uprising against police violence, even in “liberal” places like Austin, the cops have continued to assault people of color and protests that have emerged since the killing of George Floyd.


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