Racial Violence, the Camp Logan Mutiny, and Confederate Monuments w/ Professor Clayton Lust

Green & Red Podcast celebrates its 30th episode with our special guest, esteemed scholar and friend Professor Clayton Lust (@ClaytonLust) from Houston Community Collegconfederatee and Lone Star College, who has studied and written extensively about the Camp Logan Mutiny, a vital important yet unfortunately lesser-known historical episode where Houston Police and African American soldiers had a violent racial conflict in Houston in 1917. Given current political conditions and a rising awareness of Black history and Black interactions with police, the events at Camp Logan offer great insight into the history of policing among African Americans.

Listen here: bit.ly/LoganGandR

We also talk about the reality behind southern monuments to the Confederacy, that they are not about “heritage” but white supremacy, and we talked about Reconstruction and the racial attitudes that continued to dominate American politics after the Civil War.

This is a Green and Red Podcast production. “Green and Red Blues” by Moody. Editing by Isaac. Produced by Scott (@sparki1969) and Bob (@bobbuzzanco).


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