Radical Seattle w/ Historian Cal Winslow

In our latest episode, Bob and Scott talk with historian Cal Winslow about the Seattle general strike of 1919. Labor actions and protests rad seattleare happening across the country and we take this moment to look back on one of the most important strikes in the 20th century. We discuss economic and social factors that set the stage for the strike, how the strike committee ran the city during the shutdown, the global backdrop and backlash.

Listen here: bit.ly/RadSeaGandR

Cal Winslow is the author of Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919, along with Labor’s Civil War in California. He is editor of E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left. He is currently Director of the Mendocino Institute and a past Fellow in Environmental Politics at the University of California, Berkeley, a researcher and writer on social and environmental subjects.


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