Resisting the Police State in Portland

For over 90 days, since the murder of George Floyd, anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter movements in Portland, OR have faced down the Portland Police Bureau, the Dept. of Homeland Security and various right wing racist militias.

Listen to “Revolt in Portland” on Green and Red Podcast.

The Trump administration attempted to crack down on protests in an unprecedented show of aggression by putting federal agents on the street, kidnapping protestors off the street and responding with mass violence. The entire city rose up against the federal government’s intervention, prompting a pull back by the feds. But since then the Portland Police have continued the violence against protests.

And then alliances of racist militias began to counter protest the movements

This past weekend, a member of a right wing group was shot to death, which has led to even more escalated rhetoric from the right (including the White House).

A couple of weeks ago, we talked with Jay and Kay, two street organizers in Portland, about the uprising that has shaken the city and garnered so much media attention.

It is definitely still an important listen.


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