Buzzanco: Corporate Liberalism, the Great War and the Race for Empire

The latest American History lecture from Green and Red Podcast co-host and University of Houston History Prof. Bob Buzzanco.

This lecture talks about Corporate Liberalism, reform from the top down, the Federal Reserve Act, the Pure Food and Drug and Meat Inspection.  And then the American entry into the Great War and the race for empire.  He talks about the arms race and alliances, the Balkans crisis, political neutrality but economic relationships; International Law and Sub warfare.

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Author: Sparki

Scott Parkin is a Senior Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network and organizes with Rising Tide North America. He has worked on a variety of campaigns around climate change, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, mountaintop removal, labor issues and anti-corporate globalization. Originally from Texas, he now lives in San Francisco.

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