America’s History of Political Violence with author Alexander Reid Ross

In our latest episode, we talk with author of Against the Fascist Creep Alexander Reid Ross  (@areidross) about America’s history of political violence and the right wing creep in the  United States.

From slave patrols to far right groups protesting COVID19 mask  requirements and attacking Black Lives Matter protests today, America  has a long history of political violence. Much of the deadliest has been  carried out by forces of reaction and racism (i.e. right-wingers).  We  talk about the history of right wing violence,  how it compares with movements on the left, current dynamics around  militia groups, influences of Trump and the rise of eco-fascists.

Listen in here:

Alexander Reid Ross is an adjunct professor of geography at Portland  State University, a doctoral fellow with the Centre for Analysis of the  Radical Right and author of “Against the Fascist Creep.”


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