Socialism and The Sopranos w/ John Palmucci and Madison Lynn from the Fresh Kills Podcast

Woke Up This Morning, Got Myself a Podcast!

Madison Lynn (@dickexpert) and John Palmucci (@gabagoolmarx) of the new “Fresh Kills” podcast (@freshkillspod), which  features “garbage takes by garbage guidos,” joined us to talk about  their new entry into social media, their takes on left politics and  cancel culture, among other issues, and whether New Jersey or Youngstown Italians drop more “F Bombs.”

 We also were excited to discuss John’s creation, “Socialist Sopranos  Memes” on Facebook, which is a brilliant fusion of Sopranos scenes with Left politics, and we finished with a spirited analysis of the  anti-capitalist themes in so many Sopranos episodes and we all weighed  in with our opinions on whom the “Most Psychopathic” Sopranos character  was and gave our opinions on the controversial ending .

Watch this show, Don’t fughgettaboutit!

Madison Lynn and John Palmucci are two longtime leftists (whatever that means) from NY/NJ who believe they bring a little something different and much needed to the existing discourse. With “garbarge takes” from these two “garbage guidos”, they hope to remind everyone that the best part of ruthless criticism of all that exists is being ruthless. Fresh Kills is currently available on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

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