COVID is Still Here: Delta Variants and Vaccines ft. Prof. Sarah Koster

Despite government and media claims in June that the crisis of COVID was ending, we’re seeing a resurgence in cases, especially due to the Delta variant, lagging vaccination rates, and less mask wearing.  Sarah breaks down the nature of the new variant, the health risks it poses, and what we need to do to be as safe as possible.

Listen in:

Sarah Koster is Green and Red’s public health guru and most frequent guest and we just had another great discussion about COVID with here. Prof. Sarah Koster is a Family Nurse Practitioner and also has Masters in Public Health from the University of Washington in Seattle. Sarah worked in research and program evaluation for about 7 years with the Infectious Disease Division at the University of New Mexico Medical School and completed a fellowship in Infectious Disease Epidemiology with the University of Alabama at Birmingham while living in Southern Africa.


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