What the Left Owes Cuba

Since the protests in Cuba on July 11th, the U.S. media has been promoting aggressive action if not intervention against Havana.

Listen in: https://bit.ly/CubaGandR

But even segments of the self-described Left, especially social democrats in New Politics magazine, have been attacking the Diaz-Canel government, supporting the protests in Cuba, and dismissing the larger political-cum-power issues at play in this episode.

Scott and Bob broke down the background to the protests and the Left abandonment of socialist solidarity, talking about Cuba’s health system, its life span and infant mortality rates (which compare favorably to the U.S.), its educational system, its world-best sustainable environmental system, and its role in defending Left movements in Latin America, South Africa, Vietnam, Palestine, and elsewhere.

We also talked about the inherent role that Miami plays in any “dissident” movement in Cuba.

And we’ll send you out with some salsa music from a Havana bar.

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