Week in Review: Tribute to Ed Asner, Texas Anti-Abortion Bounty Hunters, Afghanistan and more!

Welcome to G&R’s (Griping and Ranting) new series–the Week in Review.

We’ll be airing our grievances about the week’s events and news, our thoughts and analysis, biting critiques, lots of snark, some humor and more.

This week, left political activist and acting great Ed Asner passed away. We pay tribute to his storied career and sing his praises for organizing in Hollywood, walking picket lines with the Air Traffic Controllers, and supporting resistance in South Africa and El Salvador.

We also discuss the Texas’ passage of new repressive anti-abortion legisilation that allows anti-choice snitches to get bounties for turning in women who violate the law and anyone who helps them. We, of course, share our thoughts on how the feeble corporatist party known as the Democrats have led us to this point. And how a far far right minority of Texas Republicans have taken over. And ask why there is not mass street movement in red states like Georgia, Florida and Texas in the face of this bill as well as on voting rights, anti-protest bills, mask mandate bans etc. And of course we offer praise to Hillary Clinton and RBG…..Not!

Finally, we round out our thoughts about the liberal media’s frenzy on Biden’s withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan. We talk about how the ruling class’s empire managers like Leon Panetta and H.R. McMaster have taken to the airwaves to whine and complain about the end of the war. We also hear about Bob’s own storied history with H.R. McMaster. All of this and more with G&R’s Week in Review.


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