The Road to 9/11: The U.S. and the Middle East.

The latest, and final for the semester, U.S. history lecture from Green and Red Podcast co-host, and University of Houston history professor, Bob Buzzanco.

Prof. Buzzanco goes into The U.S. and the Middle East and what put us on the road to September 11th. He discusses oil, Israel and Nationalism. Then Palestine, Mandates and Balfour. He covers Red Line Agreement, World War II, Holocaust, Israel and Nakba.

He then gets into Anti-Americanism, Mossadegh, Nasser, Suez and Iraq. It includes discussin on OPEC, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Six Day War and the Ramadan/Yom Kippur Wars. Getting in Arab-Israeli relations, he talks about Camp David and Oslo and the Intifada and conflict over the Settlements. Continue reading “The Road to 9/11: The U.S. and the Middle East.”

September 11th Remembered

September 11th changed our world.  

Scott (@sparki1969) and Bob (@bobbuzzanco) had a spirited discussion on the impact of the events of September 11, 2001.  We offered personal recollections, talked about the larger historical context in which it occurred, considered the consequences of the attacks–prolonged Mid-East wars and heightened repression at home, discussed the way the attacks and wars were manipulated for “patriotic” reasons, and talked about how it effects the U.S. today, in the era of Trump.

Listen in here: Continue reading “September 11th Remembered”

“War is a Racket:” Measuring the true cost of war with Graham Clumpner

In this episode, Bob  and Scott  talk with anarchist, U.S. military veteran, environmentalist and direct action organizer Graham Clumpner.

We discuss movement politics and the military during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the rise of the far right since those wars and current politics and the military in the ages of Trump and COVID19. Continue reading ““War is a Racket:” Measuring the true cost of war with Graham Clumpner”