Col. Andrew Bacevich Talks about The Empire and The Apocalypse

Green and Red had a great conversation with the well-known scholar (and  Retired Colonel) Andrew Bacevich, whose new book is *After the  Apocalypse.*  We began by getting his views on the recent revelations regarding JCS Chair Mark Milley’s role in opposing Trump’s attempt to steal the election.

Listen in here:

Then we discussed the key points in his book–his view on the dangers of  American Exceptionalism, the damages done to society by immense  military spending and the role of the Military-Industrial Complex, and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and revived Cold War against China.

But most of our discussion centered on his book where he doesn’t just discuss American interventions and wars, but the various crises that  affect National Security, and in this conversation he groups COVID and  American racial discrimination–as we saw in the 2020 protests–as  dangers to American safety and stability.

Few Americans understand these issues better than Andrew Bacevich and this was a great and comprehensive discussion.




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