Week in Review. Haiti, Cyber Ninjas, the Texas recount and why the Democrats can’t win.

Green. Red. Gripe. Rant.

In this week’s Week in Review, we talk about the horrific assault by the U.S. Border Patrol on the Haitian migrant encampment in Texas. We talk about the roots of U.S. colonialism in Haiti, the social-economic-political turmoil that everyone from FDR to the Clintons to Trump has wrought there and why Haitians are trying to get out.

We also talked about the why the Democrats are losing to an increasingly extremist GOP. Even though polls show that majority of Americans are supportive and on the right side of the issues of the day (ex: Medicare for All, Defund the Police, climate, etc), the Democrats can’t seem to get anything over on the Party of Trump.

Finally, we talked about the recounts in Arizona (by the shady firm known as Cyber Ninja) and Texas. (Just a note, even though Trump won Texas, the GOP extremists still want a recount). This leads to a big rant by Bob on the state of Texas (both literal and figurative).

We also pay homage to Saadi Yacef who passed away at 93 this week. Yacef was an Algerian revolutionary who helped throw out the French in 1962 and went on to catalyze and star in Gillo Pontecorvo’s “Battle of Algiers.” All of this and more on the Green and Red Week in Review.


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