Media Release: “Lone Star Apartheid: Greg Abbott and Republican Party Trying to Re-segregate Texas”

Lone Star Apartheid:Greg Abbott and Republican Party Trying to Re-segregate Texas


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Nicolas Reimann of Forbes writes: “Former President Donald Trump sent a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Thursday asking him to “act now” to conduct an audit of the 2020 presidential election in the state, which he carried by a comfortable six percentage points.”
But Texas activists warn that it’s part of a bigger attempt to maintain political power.
Robert Buzzanco is a professor of history who teaches courses in political history at the University of Houston, a long time resident of Harris County and has extensive media experience.  He currently co-hosts the Green and Red Podcast, which discusses politics and history. Email at or text at 713.269.1508.
Scott Parkin is a native Texan, a campaigner and organizer in social justice and environmental movements for two decades and has extensive media experience. He is also the co-host of the Green and Red Podcast. Email at or call/text at 415-235-0596.
Buzzanco and Parkin in response to the announcements of the announcement of a 2020 election audit of four Texas counties by the state government said: “Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s Republican Party see the writing on the wall. Demographic trends in Texas are making a bleak future for the power holding elite of the state. Voting rights bills, anti-protest bills, the Texas National Guard at the border, disempowerment of women with extremist anti-abortion laws and now the an election audit of four counties that went blue in the 2020 election are a blatant attempt to hold onto power as it continues to slip away. Extremists in the GOP want an audit of an election they won, but more broadly they want to re-segregate the state along racial, gender and economic lines. Sadly, Texas Democrats’ resistance to these actions remain tepid and inept.”


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