Climate Resistance and Resilience

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It’s been a summer of wildfires from the Mediterranean to the Amazon to the American West. We’ve seen hurricanes travel thousands of miles to ravage the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. We’ve also seen ravenous fossil fuel companies and complicit state actors wage war against non-violent water protectors in Minnesota and Appalachia.

This fall, attention will be turning to the U.N. Climate Talks in Glasgow, Scotland. The story will be about Biden, policy, climate finance and more. But at Green and Red Podcast, we want to lift up the voices of those organizing fossil fuel resistance and climate resilience.

To kick off this “climate fall,” we’ve just done an arc on climate resistance and resilience.

In the first episode, we featured the story of Jessica Reznicek. Jessica is a Catholic Worker that sabotaged the Dakota Access Pipeline in late 2016. This summer, she was sentenced to eight years in federal prison. We talked with Alex Cohen from her support team to get the full story.

In the second episode, we talked about hurricanes and mutual aid. Last week, Hurricane Ida hit both the Gulf Coast and the Northeast. Mutual aid networks first formed during Hurricane Katrina sprung into action. We spoke with Suncere Ali Shakur and scott crow, co-founders of the Common Ground Collective, the largest anarchist inspired organization in modern US history, about hurricanes, disaster relief, hope and leading with love.

Finally, in the third episode of this arc, we focused on oil companies, the police state and repression of protest. We talked with researcher Charlotte Grubb and investigative reporter Will Parrish of the Intercept about oil company funded police violently repressing protests and blocking public information from journalists.

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